Our 6 Top Tips for Picture Perfect Print

Our 6 Top Tips for Picture Perfect Print - Photo of printing

SW19 Design and Print in Wimbledon - Our 6 Top Tips for

Picture Perfect Print

Creating print-ready artwork should be a seamless process, whether you're a first-time customer or a seasoned designer. At SW19 Design and Print, located in the heart of Wimbledon, we believe in making your printing journey hassle-free. Here are our 6 top tips to help you submit your print designs so they look perfect and can be swiftly approved by our expert team.

How Do I Make Sure My Design’s Ready for Print?

Our studio team in Wimbledon consists of experienced specialists dedicated to ensuring your material looks exactly as you envisioned. They conduct a meticulous 10-point quality check on every submission. Please follow these six tips to make sure your design meets our standards and gets swift approval.

1. How to Find the Right Document Size

No matter what you’re designing—whether it's a business card or a standout roller banner—setting your artwork to the correct document size is crucial. Check the dimensions before starting any work to save time and avoid issues.

Each product page on our website includes detailed size specifications in the artwork help section. Use our provided templates, which include cutting and safety areas, to ensure your design elements are accurately placed..

2. Checking Your Artwork Resolution

Our state-of-the-art printers produce vibrant colors by processing thousands of tiny ink dots onto paper. Ensure all your imagery is high resolution to avoid discolouration and ensure clarity. We recommend setting your documents to 300 dpi for the best quality print. For more information on dpi, Adobe’s guide is an excellent resource. which you can read here.

3. Considering Composition

Print marketing captures customer attention effectively. Use powerful imagery and check your images for any distracting elements. Sometimes cropping an image can remove issues and create a more impactful design. 

4. How to Add Bleed

Bleed is the extra area at the edge of your print that gets trimmed off. It prevents elements from being cut off and avoids a white line around the edges. Add a minimum 3mm bleed area to your documents. Our templates, available on each product page, help ensure you've left enough safety room.

5. Confirming Your Colours Are Set Up for Print

To ensure your print colors stand out, set up your artwork using the CMYK color spectrum, which most printers use. This setup reflects how your design will look in print, saving you time on adjustments. For more details,  check out our CMYK & RGB colour guide for artwork which uncovers everything you need to know, along with how to easily convert the colours on many popular design tools.

6. What File Type to Upload Your Design

When uploading your design, save it as a PDF with the "use document bleed" setting on to maintain high quality. To streamline the process, save your document with a recognizable file name and double-check it before uploading.

In Conclusion

Creating picture-perfect print doesn't have to be complicated. By following these steps, you can confidently design your artwork and get it approved quickly. At SW19 Design and Print in Wimbledon, we aim to make ordering print as easy as possible. Take advantage of our free templates and design tools to ensure your design is printed perfectly.

For all your printing needs in Wimbledon, trust SW19 Design and Print to deliver exceptional quality and service. Visit our website to learn more and get started on your next project!

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