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Printed Hoarding board with SW19 Design and Print in Wimbledon. Whether you're developing a site or outfitting a store or office, our expertise can elevate your project. Site hoarding, essentially temporary walls or fences, secures construction sites and serves as prime advertising real estate. Our custom-printed PVC vinyl banners or mesh, polyester, or self-adhesive vinyl wraps amplify your brand's visibility, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers, clients, and employees. From vivid artwork to logos and informative text, the possibilities for your large format hoarding are boundless

Why are site Hoarding Board important? 

Hoarding boards are an essential and fundamental part of the construction process, and they’re vital for a number of reasons. These broadly come under two distinct areas – the practical and physical benefits to the site (and the public) that a hoarding board offers, and the opportunities for branding and advertising that these installations present: 

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Practical benefits of site hoarding boards

Hoarding boards are a legal requirement, because in both urban and rural environments, safety and protection for workers and the public is absolutely paramount. The rules and regulations that apply to hoardings are fairly specific

In terms of the practical impact hoardings have, their main function is to ensure that there are only a small number of defined access points to the construction sites. The large wooden panels act as shields – sheltering the site from prying eyes, protecting the surrounding areas from dust and debris, and ensuring that the local community isn’t impacted by an unattractive building site during the construction period. 

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Visual benefits of Site Hoarding

Aside from the physical, practical benefits that site hoarding boards offer, there are also numerous advertorial and branding impacts that hoardings can offer a business – whether this applies to the contractor responsible for the project, another involved party, or even a local business or third party. 

There are all kinds of ways a hoarding boards can be used in this way – by contacting a print supplier, and having them create a series of graphics, a hoarding can be transformed from a simple barrier into an incredible work of art. 

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