Exhibit Like an Expert: 6 Tips for Exhibition Materials at Your Trade Show in Wimbledon

Exhibition and trade show materials are pivotal in planting the seed of your brand inside potential customers’ minds. These materials, combined with the experience you provide at the event, create the perfect environment for cultivating loyal and engaged future customers


We at SW19 Design & Print in Wimbledon, together with insights from seasoned exhibitors, offer you six essential tips to boost your brand awareness and make your next event a massive success.

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1 – Exhibition & Trade Show Materials: Crafting the Foundation

The quality and authenticity of your exhibition materials are the bedrock of any successful event. These materials should resonate with your brand identity and leave a lasting impression.

Consider incorporating elegantly textured brochures, intricately designed banners, or immersive backdrop designs. Beyond aesthetics, the tactile quality of your materials is crucial. The touch and feel of premium paper or innovative materials can make your brand memorable. For instance, branded water bottles can be a practical and sustainable giveaway.

David Gilbert Photography emphasises, “You only have a short time to attract potential clients, so stand out with quality giveaways like sweets, badges, stickers, and balloons.”

2 – Interactive Stand Design: Engage, Don’t Just Display

Transform your booth from a static display to an engaging experience. Use interactive elements like touch screens for product customisation or VR headsets for virtual tours.

Brilliant Publications suggests, “Instead of heavy catalogues, offer less bulky brochures or leaflets with QR codes linking to your website for more information.”

3 – Clear Messaging: Reach as Many Visitors as Possible

Distill your brand’s essence into a clear, concise message. Ensure all your materials, from posters to digital displays, convey this message effectively.

52 Design & Advertising advises, “Use bold, simple, short sales statements highlighting your services' key benefits. Focus on making an emotional connection with your audience.”

4 – Promotional Items: Freebies and Brand Ambassadors

Branded items should be useful and memorable, reflecting your brand values. For example, branded beanies for outdoor workers or practical office items for corporate clients.

Telsa Media stresses the importance of proactive, well-informed staff, “Having positive and engaging staff can make a significant impact, sometimes more than the merchandise itself.”

5 – Prioritise Quality Over Quantity

When selecting merchandise, choose quality over quantity. Each item should serve as a tool for brand immersion and not just a giveaway.

Wild Olive recommends, “Have plenty of brochures and price lists. Enhance your display with soft elements like plants and ensure your products are well-lit with clear selling points.”

6 – Competitions: A Magnet for Engagement

Competitions are great for attracting and engaging visitors. Use high-quality materials to promote your competition and offer prizes that reflect your brand values.

Brean Leisure Park notes, “High-quality freebies and useful products will linger on people’s desks, keeping your brand top-of-mind.”

Need to Sort Your Exhibition Materials?

Choosing and creating the perfect exhibition materials can be daunting. SW19 Design & Print, located in the heart of Wimbledon, is here to help. You can visit our dedicated exhibition and conference printing page to explore how we can support your next event. Don’t wait—let’s make your brand shine at your next trade show!

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