Secure Velo Binding

Print Finishing - Photograph of Secure Velo Binding

What is Velo Bind?

Secure VeloBind is a binding method used to bind documents securely, primarily in office or professional settings. VeloBind is a brand name for a type of binding system that uses a series of plastic strips with protruding tines that are inserted into punched holes along the edge of a stack of paper. These tines are then melted or crimped to secure the document in place.

  1. Tamper-resistant design: The binding system may incorporate features that make it difficult to tamper with or alter the document without leaving obvious signs of interference.
  2. Encryption or authentication mechanisms: Advanced VeloBind systems may integrate encryption or authentication features to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the bound documents.
  3. Secure materials: The binding materials themselves may be specially designed to resist tampering, such as using durable plastics or incorporating anti-tamper measures.
  4. Customisation options: Secure VeloBind systems may offer customization options such as personalized binding strips or embedded security features like holograms or watermarks.