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Comb binding is a versatile and cost-effective binding method that offers numerous advantages for a wide range of documents. With its professional appearance and easy editing capabilities, comb binding is an ideal choice for presentations, reports, proposals, manuals, and more. One of the key benefits of comb binding is its ability to lay flat when opened, ensuring ease of reading and writing, which is particularly beneficial for manuals and workbooks. Additionally, comb binding allows for easy editing and updating of documents without damaging the binding or other pages, providing flexibility for ongoing projects or revisions.

Another advantage of comb binding is its durability and protection for documents. The plastic comb securely holds the pages together, preventing them from getting lost or damaged during handling or transportation. This makes comb binding particularly suitable for important documents that require long-term preservation. Furthermore, comb binding offers customization options with different comb colors and sizes, allowing users to match the binding to their branding or aesthetic preferences.

Overall, comb binding provides a reliable and professional solution for document binding needs, combining affordability, versatility, and durability to ensure the integrity and presentation of various types of documents.

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Twin Loop can bind documents from A4 portrait or landscape (holes punched on short or long edge) up to A3 portrait (holes punched on the short edge) for sheets up to 48mm thick (410 sheets / 80gsm) accommodating tabs, pockets, covers and backing boards.

When setting out your pages, it is good practice to keep all text or images at least 10mm away from the binding edge to not cut into when the holes are punched into the pages

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