Leaflets are a capable messenger! With seven different fold options, a leaflet can illustrate a large amount of information and convey any message, no matter how creative or complex.

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Leaflet Folds Explained

Cross Fold


Roll Fold

Folded once vertically, then once horizontally. Creates 8 panels.


Small programs, exhibition leaflets, tourist leaflet.

Folded in opposite direction twice, parellel to the short edge. Creates 6 panels.


Charity leaflet, take-away menu.

Folded twice towards centre, parallel to the short edge. Creates 6 panels.


Tourist leaflet. Map guide.

Gate Fold

Double parallel fold

Half fold plus roll fold

Folded twice parallel to the short edge to make two smaller panels that meet in the middle. Creates 4 small panels and 2 large panels.


Information leaflet. Direct mailer.

Created by folding the sheet in 4, with the two right panels folding inside the leaflet. Creates 8 panels.


Instruction manual. Swatch chart.

Folded in half and then in thirds. Creates 12 panels, opening to a much larger size.


Maps. Tourist guides.

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